F5 Training Services for Application Delivery Products Prices

Below you will find up to date starting prices / costs and part numbers for F5s Training Services for Application Delivery Products. Contact WorldTech IT for a free environment review, and ensure you buy the right F5 Networks Solution.

We do NOT sell outside of the United States, your pricing outside of the US may differ. You should NOT use our starting prices as a guideline if you are outside of the US. If you are outside of the US, please contact a local F5 partner in your area for a quote.

F5 Training Services for Application Delivery Products
Description Part Number Starting Price
BIG-IP Good Training Bundle F5-TRG-BIG-GOOD $6,485
BIG-IP Better Training Bundle F5-TRG-BIG-BETTER $9,485
BIG-IP Best Training Bundle F5-TRG-BIG-BEST $13,985
BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager Configuration Training (3 days) F5-TRG-BIG-LTM-CFG-3 $2,995
BIG-IP Administration Training (2 days) F5-TRG-BIG-OP-ADMIN $1,695
BIG-IP Troubleshooting Training (2 days) F5-TRG-BIG-TRBL-INT2 $1,995
BIG-IP iRule Configuration Training (3 days) F5-TRG-BIG-IRULE-CFG $2,995
BIG-IP iApp Development Training (1 day) F5-TRG-BIG-IAPPS-DEV $995
BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager Configuration Training (2 days) F5-TRG-BIG-AFM-CFG $1,995
VIPRION Instructor Led Training (1 day) F5-TRG-VPR-1 $995

Important things to note:

  • Note 1: All trainings are subject to availability at F5 training centers or at Authorized Training Centers (ATC). Prices may vary.

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