F5 Service and Support Fees for all Products Part Numbers and Price Info

Below you will find part numbers for F5s Service and Support Fees for all Products. For prices, and special discounts Contact WorldTech IT for a Quote. We’ll take the time to understand your environment, needs, and current projects to ensure you’re buying the right F5 Networks Solution.

We do not sell F5 Products outside of the United States, but some of our trusted partners do! If you live outside of the United States, we urge you to contact us and we’ll connect you with an F5 Partner who is authorized to sell F5 BIG-IP in your area.

All F5 BIG-IP products will need a support contract. A support contract will give you access to new software releases for supported units, cover your devices for RMA replacements, as well as support for "existing configurations".

F5s’ support requires your configuration or iRule was previously working. New Implementations, Configurations, and iRules are not covered under F5s support offerings, and fall under Professional Services, please contact us for a Professional Services Quote. For more information on F5s support options, visit F5 Support Offerings Official page.

F5 Service and Support Fees for all ProductsDescription Part Number
Lapsed Service Fee F5-SVC-LAPSED-FEE
Recertification Fee F5-CST-CERT
RMA Removable Hard Drive and Compact Flash Card Fee (per unit) F5-SVC-RMA-OPT
Consulting Remote Kit Non-Return Fee (per unit) F5-CST-RMT-KIT-NRF
Hardware Retention Service with Four-Hour Hardware Replacement Service (RMA) F5-SVC-RMA-4T-HWR
Hardware Retention Service with Four-Hour Hardware Replacement Service (RMA) F5-SVC-RMA-3-HWR
Hardware Retention Service with Next-Business-Day Hardware Shipping Service (RMA) F5-SVC-RMANDBS-HWR

Important things to note:

  • Note 1: A customer is required to pay a catch up fee (Lapsed Service Fee) should they allow their service agreement to lapse beyond the renewal date without making a renewal payment inside 30 days of the said renewal date. This reinstatement fee will be due in addition to the renewal payment backdated to the renewal date.
  • Note 2: A Recertification Fee is required where a customer owns an F5 system which is currently not under maintenance and they wish to purchase a service contract (which includes RMA service). F5 charges this fee in order to certify that there is nothing wrong with the device before allowing the customer to purchase service and support.
  • Note 3: The Removable Hard Drive and Compact Flash Card Fee is charged annually per unit with the support contract. This permits the end customer to remove the hard drive and/or compact flash card once an RMA is authorized by F5.
  • Note 4: When purchasing a Hardware Retention Service, the customer must agree to provide F5 a Certification of Destruction (CoD) of the device to mitigate any further use of it.

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