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The following table lists the latest hotfix information for corresponding BIG-IP and BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) releases. The hotfixes are available for download on the F5 Downloads site, or by clicking the links in the Latest Hotfix column in the following table.

BIG-IP Release Latest Hotfix Article
14.1.0 None Downloads**
14.0.0 BIGIP- Downloads**
13.1.1 BIGIP- Downloads**
13.1.0 BIGIP- Downloads**
13.0.1 None Downloads**
13.0.0 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
12.1.3 BIGIP- Downloads**
12.1.2 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
12.1.1 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
12.1.0 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
12.0.0 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
11.6.3 BIGIP- Downloads**
11.6.2 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
11.6.1 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
11.6.0 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
11.5.7 None Downloads**
11.5.6 None Downloads**
11.5.5 None Downloads**
11.5.4 Hotfix-BIGIP- Downloads**
11.5.3 Hotfix-BIGIP- K16805
11.5.2 Hotfix-BIGIP- K16361
11.5.1 Hotfix-BIGIP- K15175
11.5.0 Hotfix-BIGIP- K15166
11.4.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.4.1-711.0-HF11 Downloads**
11.4.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.4.0-2464.0-HF10 K14479
11.3.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.3.0-3164.0-HF10 K14175
11.2.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.2.1-1328.0-HF16 K13974
11.2.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.2.0-2805.0-HF7 K13668
11.1.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.1.0-2481.0-HF10 K13343
11.0.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-11.0.0-8156.0-HF5 K13175
10.2.4 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.4-870.0-HF13 K13670
10.2.3 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.3-123.0-HF1 K13344
10.2.2 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.2-969.0-HF4 K13109
10.2.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.1-511.0-HF3 K12816
10.2.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.0-1789.0-HF2 K12188
10.1.0 HotFix-BIGIP-10.1.0-3402.0-HF2 K11790
10.0.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.0.1-402.7-HF4 K11232
10.0.0 Hotfix-BIGIP-10.0.0-5519.0-HF3 K10495
9.6.1 None* K9963
9.4.8 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.8-429.0-HF6 K13687
9.4.7 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.7-330.0-HF2 K10494
9.4.6 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.6-425.0-HF3 K10492
9.4.5 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.5-1091.0-HF3 K10489
9.4.4 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.4-94.0-HF3 K9092
9.4.3 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.4.3-HF4 K9505
9.4.2 None Not applicable
9.4.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.4.1-HF2 K9510
9.4.0 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.4.0-HF4 K7839
9.3.1 Hotfix-BIGIP-9.3.1-81.1-HF8 K10850
9.3.0 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.3.0-HF3 K9519
9.1.3 Hotfix-BIG-IP-9.1.3-HF1 K8286
9.1.2 K7672
9.1.1 Hotfix-cr69440 Not applicable

*BIG-IP 9.6.1 hotfixes are no longer available on the F5 Downloads site. For information about requesting 9.6.1 hotfixes, contact F5 Technical Support.

**Extensive hotfix details are now included in the accompanying release note file available on the Downloads page for the specific hotfix. An F5 Support ID login is required to access this content.

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