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Below you will find part numbers for F5s Consulting Services for all Products and Solutions. For prices, and special discounts Contact WorldTech IT for a Quote. We’ll take the time to understand your environment, needs, and current projects to ensure you’re buying the right F5 Networks Solution.

F5 does not officially post prices online. Every customers’ needs are different, including trade-ins, promotions, and special discounts that may apply to your purchase. Please do not refer to any F5 pricing you may find online. It’s not officially maintained by F5, can be out of date, and doesn’t take into account your specific situation. If you are in the US, please contact us with any questions, and we’ll get you more information on F5 hardware, software, and subscriptions.

We do not sell F5 Products outside of the United States and Canada, but some of our trusted partners do! If you live outside of the United States and Canada, we urge you to contact us and we’ll connect you with an F5 Partner who is authorized to sell F5 BIG-IP in your area.

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F5 Consulting Services for all Products and Solutions
Description Part Number
Standard Consulting (per hour, standard hours) F5-CST-S
Premium Consulting (per hour, premium hours) F5-CST-P
Standard Consulting (per hour, standard hours, prepaid) F5-CST-S1
Premium Consulting (per hour, premium hours, prepaid) F5-CST-P1
Standard Consulting Expert (per hour, standard hours) F5-CST-ES
Premium Consulting Expert (per hour, premium hours) F5-CST-EP
Standard Consulting Expert (per hour, standard hours, prepaid) F5-CST-ES1
Premium Consulting Expert (per hour, premium hours, prepaid) F5-CST-EP1
Consulting Project Manager (per hour) F5-CST-PM
Consulting Project Manager (per hour, prepaid) F5-CST-PM1
Consulting Travel Time (per hour) F5-CST-T
Consulting Travel & Expenses 1 F5-CST-TE-1
Consulting Travel & Expenses 2 F5-CST-TE-2
Consulting Best Practices Support F5-CST-BP
Consulting 5-Day Package (1 round-trip) F5-CST-5
Consulting 10-Day Package (2 round-trips) F5-CST-10
Consulting 15-Day Package (3 round-trips) F5-CST-15
Consulting 20-Day Package (4 round-trips) F5-CST-20
On-site Hardware Option Installation (per unit) F5-CST-OPT

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Important things to note:

  • Note 1: Consulting is subject to availability and a consulting order requires approval from the F5 Professional Services team in advance. Contact an F5 representative who can check for available resources. Consulting is specifically defined work beyond the scope of a standard installation. It requires a Statement of Work (SOW) to outline what is included and not included. This work is performed under a billable agreement with the customer.
  • Note 2: The hourly consulting SKUs F5-CST-S and F5-CST-P are only to be used for basic BIG-IP LTM and GTM related consultancy. The new Expert consultancy SKUs must be used for all other products (including, but not limited to, complex iRules, ASM, AFM, APM, AAM, PEM, VIPRION, design, and architecture work).
  • Note 3: Standard hours: 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Premium hours: 5pm – 9am Monday to Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
  • Note 4: Customers will be billed for all expenses incurred on their behalf. Typical expenses include airfare, lodging, transportation, and subsistence. An 8-hour minimum commitment applies for engagements requiring travel, otherwise for remote assistance a 4-hour minimum commitment applies.
  • Note 5: The Consulting Travel & Expenses 1 and 2 SKUs are used to bill actual expenses incurred. The Consulting Travel Time SKU is used to pay for travel time at an hourly rate.
  • Note 6: There is no discount to be applied to consulting services without the prior consent of the F5 Professional Services team.
  • Note 7: OASIS facilitates the purchase of a pre-defined monetary amount of professional services (consulting, installation and training services), without having to define the scope of the services required upfront. The higher the amount purchased the greater the additional value. When services are required, customer contacts F5 to discuss and define request. F5 will create an OASIS Statement of Work detailing the agreed request and cost. Once the service is delivered, the cost of the service will be deducted from the original purchased amount and customer will be informed of remaining fund amount. Further service requests will decrease the balance accordingly, until the balance has depleted.
  • Note 8: OASIS service values: F5-CST-OASIS-1 entitles the customer to receive $20,000 worth of services, F5-CST-OASIS-2 entitles to $55,000, F5-CST-OASIS-3 to $90,000, F5-CST-OASIS-4 to $130,000, and F5-CST-OASIS-5 to $300,000.
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