F5 MobileSafe Licenses Part Numbers and Price Info

Below you will find part numbers for F5s F5 MobileSafe Licenses. For prices, and special discounts Contact WorldTech IT for a Quote. We’ll take the time to understand your environment, needs, and current projects to ensure you’re buying the right F5 Networks Solution.

F5 does not officially post prices online. Every customers’ needs are different, including trade-ins, promotions, and special discounts that may apply to your purchase. Please do not refer to any F5 pricing you may find online. It’s not officially maintained by F5, can be out of date, and doesn’t take into account your specific situation. If you are in the US, please contact us with any questions, and we’ll get you more information on F5 hardware, software, and subscriptions.

We do not sell F5 Products outside of the United States, but some of our trusted partners do! If you live outside of the United States, we urge you to contact us and we’ll connect you with an F5 Partner who is authorized to sell F5 BIG-IP in your area.

F5 MobileSafe LicensesDescription Part Number
MobileSafe License for 500 Users (1-Year Subscription) F5-SBS-MS-500-1YR
MobileSafe License for 1000 Users (1-Year Subscription) F5-SBS-MS-1K-1YR
MobileSafe License for 5000 Users (1-Year Subscription) F5-SBS-MS-5K-1YR
MobileSafe License for 10000 Users (1-Year Subscription) F5-SBS-MS-10K-1YR
MobileSafe License for 50000 Users (1-Year Subscription) F5-SBS-MS-50K-1YR
MobileSafe License for 100000 Users (1-Year Subscription) F5-SBS-MS-100K-1YR
MobileSafe License for 500000 Users (1-Year Subscription, Consumer Only) F5-SBS-MS-500K-1YR
MobileSafe License for 1000000 Users (1-Year Subscription, Consumer Only) F5-SBS-MS-1M-1YR
MobileSafe License for 5000000 Users (1-Year Subscription, Consumer Only) F5-SBS-MS-5M-1YR

Important things to note:

  • Note 1: For MobileSafe licenses, support is included in the subscription service.

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