F5 Managed Services – 100% Protected & Ready for the Future

WorldTech IT is now offering F5 Managed Services. This is the perfect solution for F5 customers who don’t have the in-house expertise around F5 technologies and require ongoing 24x7x365 on-call emergency support & professional services when they need them.

WTITs’ managed services includes ongoing BIG-IP device monitoring & log scrubbing to catch issues before they happen. In addition to the Proactive monitoring & emergency on-call support, managed service customers have access to ongoing discounted F5 Professional Services. Customers purchase monthly “Service Credits” based on F5s’ “Good”, “Better”, and “Best” licenses and can use the credits for ANYTHING F5 related, including complex project work. This is a great way for customers to onboard and start using expensive modules they may already own at a fraction of the cost vs. one off Professional Service projects.

Service Credits Explained

Service credits are equivalent to 1 hour of consulting work if engaged with a 7-day lead time. They are consumed at a faster rate for shorter lead times and emergency on-call support. There is a minimum use of 2 service credits per engagement. It’s important to note Service Credits can be used towards any BIG-IP effort, including complex projects, iRules, and even on-boarding the modules not in use. It’s equivalent to having a team of F5 Experts at your disposal for less than a typical full time employee would cost. The customer can use unused Service Credits from the previous month, but they do not accrue. Please note, training of any kind is not included under our service credit model. We do offer custom training tailored for your environment, and official training classes from F5 directly.


Customers pay a monthly fee per device & number of “service credits”. They receive a price break on devices when they are in a pair, and non-production – we also offer volume pricing in large environments. The size of the device makes no difference, just the license they fall under.

  • Device Pricing – It doesn’t matter if the device is a physical appliance, on premise Virtual Edition, or in the cloud. All pricing is based on the customers’ current licensing, regardless of the model number or bandwidth license. Note – vCMP “guests” and Virtual Editions are priced under the same licensing model, “hosts” are included and not billed separately.
  • Service Credits – Customers receive a minimal of 40 service credits per month and can choose between a 1, 3, and 5 year terms, with price breaks at each level.

Base vs Service Credits

There are several base services included with WorldTech ITs’ F5 Managed Services, anything not included pulls from the customers’ service credit bucket. The break down is below:.

Core Feature Base / Service Credit
24x7x365 Device Health Monitoring
Performance spikes Base
Performance dips Base
Abnormal traffic patterns Base
Device failures Base
Monthly usage and performance reports Base
Maintenance, Changes, & Support  
Failover events Base
Reboots Base
Minor OS upgrades Base
Major OS upgrades Service Credit
License Updates Base
GeoLocation database updates Base
Creation of new and/or modify existing VIPs, WIPs, Pools, Nodes, iRules, Data Groups, Profiles Service Credit
F5 support case creation & mgmt Service Credit
Emergency on-call 24x7x365 On-Call Support Service Credit
Troubleshooting New & Existing Designs  
Slowness & Intermittent Issues Service Credit
Traffic analysis with TCPDUMP / SSL DUMP Service Credit
HTTP analysis with HTTP watch / Fiddler Service Credit
Log analysis Service Credit
SSL Certificate Management Service Credit
Generating SSL certificate CSR for Certificates hosted on the BIG-IPs Service Credit
Installing and configuring certificates Service Credit
Archiving Base
Notifications for expiring Certs Base
Consulting Projects  
Project Participation, including change control Service Credits
General F5 BIG-IP consutling – basic to advanced Service Credits