F5 iRule Consulting – Development & Support

iRules are one of the many features that set F5 Networks apart from their competition. Try as the other competitors may, iRules are still the most advanced way to augment Client and Server side connections. Aside from making decisions based on header data, iRules even allow us to make traffic decisions on any type of payload content / data you define. Our F5 iRule Consulting – Development & Support process sets us apart from the competition. Read our process below to learn how we tackle your advanced content switching & Security needs.

Our iRule Development Process

  • Problem Evaluation We’ll meet with your Application team & Developers to understand the issue(s) at hand & gather requirements. We gather all critical data with tools like tcpdump, Fiddler, & HttpWatch. Sometimes the desired state may not even require an iRule at all. A lot of organizations don’t realize with F5s latest code you can perform a lot of common tasks like HTTP header manipulation and payload insertions / deletions with build in features like the CPM – Centralized Policy Matching system, (pre v11.4 we used HTTP Class) & Stream profiles. Even though iRules are super fast & reliable, F5 highly recommends using built in feature to accomplish a task before using an iRule, as the compiled code will always outperform an iRule script. When the situation to customize your environment beyond the built in capabilities of the BIG-IP software, then there is no better way in the industry to accomplish it than an F5 iRule.
  • Development and Testing Once we thoroughly understand the issue at hand, we’ll take your requirements and start to develop your iRule in our lab. In our lab we’ll test your iRule against load generators and measure the increased latency (if any) it may add. Testing in our lab allows us to be proactive, mitigating any problems that could arise in your production environments. Ideally you will have a non-production or pre-production environment where we can further test the iRule with your application code. If not, you can rest assured we did everything possible to allow for a successful implementation into production.
  • Implementation Once you have worked with your change control and scheduled a window for implementation, we’ll ensure our engineers are available if needed to attend the night of implementation. It’s not uncommon for our engineers to work through the night in the trenches with your application & development teams to ensure success the night of cut.
  • Post Implementation After a successful implementation in production, you can rest assured we’ll be available if any issues arise or if further optimization & support is needed.

Our iRule Support Process

Often times you may already have an iRule implemented and what you need is some support for changes. In that case we’ll use much of the above process and test in our lab whenever possible. The same goes for version upgrades, as you may or may not know – there are significant differences in iRules from v9, v10, and v11. We’ll stage your iRule in our lab on the exact or similar hardware & convert it to a new format compatible with your new version. Ensuring a smooth & successful upgrade.

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