Comparing F5s Good Better Best Features and Capabilities By Module

F5’s Good, Better, and Best licenses are a huge step forward for F5 in bundling their BIG-IP modules to deliver the most complete, and technically advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC) in the industry. Understanding which modules are included in each is important – below is a breakdown of which modules come with each F5 license bundle, including their features and capabilities

F5 BIG-IP Features and Capabilities Good Better Best
BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager
Load balancing and monitoring
Application visibility and monitoring
L7 intelligent traffic management
Core protocol optimization (HTTP, TCP, SPDY, SSL)
SSL proxy and services
IPv6 support
Programmability (iRules, iCall, iControl, iApps)
Software Services
SDN services (VXLAN gateway)
Advanced routing (BGP, RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BFD)
Global server load balancing
DNS services
Real time DNSSEC solution
Global application high availability
DNS DDoS attack prevention
BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager
Web performance optimization
WAN optimization (data deduplication, FEC)
Mobile optimization (Intelligent Client Cache, Image optimization)
SaaS acceleration (reduce bandwidth usage and page load times)
BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager
High performance ICSA firewall
Network DDoS protection
Application-centric firewall policies
Protocol anomaly detection
BIG-IP Application Security Manager
PCI-compilant web application firewall
Web scraping prevention
Integrated XML firewall
Violation correlation and incident grouping
Application DDoS protection
BIG-IP Access Policy Manager
500 concurrent user sessions; scalable up to 200,000
BYOD enablement
Full proxy for VDI (Citrix, VMware)
Single sign-on enhancements (Identity federation with SAML 2.0)

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