F5 BIG-IP VIPRION Global Traffic Manager (GTM) and DNS Software Modules Prices

Below you will find up to date starting prices / costs and part numbers for F5s BIG-IP VIPRION Global Traffic Manager (GTM) and DNS Software Modules. Contact WorldTech IT for a free environment review, and ensure you buy the right F5 Networks Solution.

We do NOT sell outside of the United States, your pricing outside of the US may differ. You should NOT use our starting prices as a guideline if you are outside of the US. If you are outside of the US, please contact a local F5 partner in your area for a quote.

F5 BIG-IP VIPRION Global Traffic Manager (GTM) and DNS Software Modules Pre. L1-3 Std. L1-3 RMA 4h
Description Part Number Starting Price Starting Price Starting Price Starting Price
VIPRION DNS Max Module (Global Traffic Manager, DNSSEC, Advanced Routing, Max RPS) F5-ADD-VPR-DNS-M $49,995 $8,499 N/A N/A
VIPRION DNS Base Module (Global Traffic Manager, DNSSEC, 1000 RPS) F5-ADD-VPR-DNS-1K $7,495 $1,274 N/A N/A
VIPRION Global Traffic Manager Module F5-ADD-VPR-GTM $49,995 $8,499 N/A N/A
VIPRION DNSSEC Module for Global Traffic Manager F5-ADD-VPR-DNSSEC $9,995 $1,699 N/A N/A
VIPRION DNS Module for Local Traffic Manager F5-ADD-VPR-DNS $29,995 $5,099 N/A N/A
VIPRION Advanced Routing Module (RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, BFD) F5-ADD-VPR-ROUTING $5,000 $850 N/A N/A
VIPRION Multicast Routing Module F5-ADD-VPR-MULTICAST $1,695 $288 N/A N/A

Important things to note:

  • Note 1: All VIPRION software modules are licensed per chassis. One license covers all blades.
  • Note 2: When adding a software module to a VIPRION system, services must be added to maintain current supportability. The software module will take on the service level of the host product. For service pricing, see section “Service and Support for Application Delivery Products”. Service cost for software options is calculated as a percentage of product starting price, same as with hardware platforms.
  • Note 3: Service contracts for software modules end on the service expiration date of the host product for the current year. Service levels must remain consistent across module and host product.

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